Monday's Fitness Extravaganza

posted now because why not!? Workout for Monday August 22nd: Do a nice warm-up, something smart. -then- 1 Round of Barbara, all out 20 Pull-ups 30 Push-ups 40 Sit-ups 50 Air Squats -then- Rope climb practice, drills, games, shenanigans, etc. for a good long while....

Saturday's Non-Team Personal Fitness Mission

posted a day early for your excitement Workout for Saturday August 20th: 3 Rounds for Time of: 15 Thrusters 95/65 12 Burpees Faster is better 🙂 I think it would be a good bit of an extra to spend some real time working through all the GHD progressions and Ab-Mat...

Friday's Friendly Fitness Fest

posted a day early for your teaming upping Workout for Friday August 19th: 15 Minutes for as many Toes to Bars as possible: 200m Run Max Toes to Bars Trade stations when your partner returns from the run. So like, if Steve and Erika are on a team, Steve takes off on...


posted now for your paced excitement Workout for Thursday August 18th: “Elizabeth” For Time: 21-15-9 Cleans 135/95 Ring Dips


posted a day early for you to broadcast the quest Workout for Wednesday August 17th: Bench Press for 1 Rep Max!!! AND THEN WE ACCESSORIZE.