Local's Gym 2.0!!

Here’s the details on “What’s Up” everyone, please watch the videos and you’ll have all (hopefully!) your questions answered. This is going to be very exciting, lots of fun, and a game changer for training in general. We filmed these on...

I'm a mean person

Check this out 🙂 First, watch Jake do the meerkat in the camera and then watch as I come up and grab the heel detector from Chris on Steve, like Chris was guilty of collusion with Steve, it makes me laugh 🙂 IMG_1825 And then, because I really am mean I want to point...

Squat Depth?

You be the judge, regionals is coming soon after all 🙂 Post to comments, deep enough or not deep enough. IMG_1827


Never happening again I think, but this was a fun time! What’s coming up? Anyone doing anything crazy, awesome, or crazy awesome? This was good times 🙂