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We opened our doors in July of 2007 and since then everything has changed.  We’ve changed, the nature of fitness and training has changed.  The landscape of gyms has changed.  And for the better.

In December of that same year we became the 7th CrossFit Affiliate in Washington State, and the 106th in the world.  There are now nearly 15,000 worldwide!  A source of great pride is that of those 15,000 affiliates, 5 have come from members of our gym moving and creating their own thriving gyms and communities of athletes within them.

In the past decade or so, we’ve just about done it all; sent individuals, teams and masters to the CrossFit Games, sent athletes to Nationals in Weightlifting and produced elite totals in Powerlifting.  We’ve hosted premier events and Specialty Seminars for CrossFit HQ, we’ve also hosted competitions in Weightlifting, Powerlifting, CrossFit, innumerable fundraisers, birthday workouts and memorial workouts. We have members all over Lynnwood, Shoreline, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Bothell, Mill Creek, and Everett.

The gym has been through three remodels, a couple charcoal grills, and countless layout changes for the walls, equipment, mezzanines and flooring; always seeking the better way.  Through all that, the focus has remained steadfast on our clients’ experience, their improved fitness, and the quality of coaching in the 23,000, and then some, CrossFit Class Sessions Lynnwood CrossFit has held.

Lynnwood Crossfit class photo
Jesse giving advice


 The actions of the Founder and former CEO of CrossFit shook us to our very core.  The methodology is sound; he is not.  We do not condone any form of prejudice and stand against all forms of hierarchy and domination.


As part of the Seminar Staff for CrossFit, it cut especially deep because I’ve taught over 300 weekend courses in the service of CrossFit.  An accumulated 6 years of weekends away from my family and community.  My current goal is to work within CrossFit Inc. to change it for the best, to prevent it’s owner from extracting excess value from our efforts, and to support our highest aim of continuing to change the world for the better.


– Jesse


GHD machine in the gym
Jesse and Lana having a silent sibling conversation
Ropes and gym equipment
Lynnwood Crossfit gym entrance

Why Crossfit?

Simply put, because CrossFit meets you where you are and progresses you forward at your fastest pace.  If you come out of shape without much knowledge of the movements, we will teach you the moves and scale the workouts to a difficulty that matches your ability.  If you come in really great shape with great understanding of the movements, we will challenge you to more advanced movements, and ensure that the workouts have enough difficulty to keep you progressing.

CrossFit is personal in nature, and performed in groups to bring out the best that is inside each and every one of us.

Group of ladies learning about rope climbing

Our Coaches, Staff and Interns

Jesse Ward

Jesse Ward

Owner, and Head Coach

CrossFit HQ Head Trainer: I have been given the distinct privilege to travel the world teaching CrossFit. It’s an honor that I take very seriously in the cost in time away from both the my gym family and my family family. I have taught and presented internationally with and without translators in: South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Australia, Japan, Canada, Panama, Spain, New Zealand and Iceland. This has been an amazing and humbling experience to see people from all walks of life, cultures and abilities do CrossFit and have the passion for life, movement, and joy that I do.

Email me jesse@localsgym.com

Jesse’s Background and Credentials

  • CrossFit Games Games Judge ’20, The Ranch
  • NOLS Wilderness First Responder Cert. ’20 Flagstaff Az
  • CrossFit Games Games Judge ’17-‘23, Madison Wi
  • CF Masters Trainer Course ’17, San Diego
  • CrossFit South, Pacific and West Assistant Head Judge ’17
  • CF Scaling Course ’16, online
  • CF Anatomy Course ’16, online
  • CrossFit West Regionals Assistant Head Judge ’16
  • CF Advanced Olympic Weightlifting ’16, Seattle Wa
  • CF Kids Specialty ’14, Soldotna Ak
  • CrossFit HQ Level 2 Seminar Head Trainer ’14
  • CF Kettlebell ’14, Enumclaw Wa
  • Timber Sports ’12, Buckley Wa
  • CrossFit Regionals Judge (’11-’15), Wa
  • CF Endurance ’10, Kitsap Wa
  • CF Rowing ’10, Seattle Wa
  • CF Nutrition ’10, San Diego Ca
  • CrossFit Games Judge (’10-’16), Carson, Ca
  • CF Powerlifting ’09, Columbus Oh
  • CF Olympic Weightlifting ’08, Victoria, BC
  • CF Gymnastics ’08, Seattle Wa
  • CrossFit HQ Level 1 Seminar Head Trainer ’08-Present
  • CF-L2 Aug ’08, San Francisco Ca
  • CrossFit Games Competitor (’08-’09), Aromas Ca
  • CF-L1 Feb ’08, Santa Cruz Ca
  • Oregon’s Strongest Man 2007, Aurora Or
  • Highland Games, Whidbey Island, Graham, Kelso ’04-’07
  • Competitive Powerlifter (USAPL, APF, WABDL ’04-’09)
  • Dave Tate Seminar ’05, Sacramento Ca
  • USAW Club Coach ’04, Auburn Wa
  • BA Exercise Science ’03, Willamette University, Salem Or
Carrie Ward

Carrie Ward

Owner, Nutrition, Power Behind the Throne

NOLS Wilderness First Responder ’20 Flagstaff Az
CF Level 1 Revalidation ’15 – Anchorage Ak
CF Kids ’12 – Sumner Wa
CF Level 1 ’12 – Sumner Wa
CF Nutrition ’11 -San Diego Ca

Eileen Turcott

Eileen Turcott

Coach, Kids and Teens, Admin Backup

Voted “Best Push-ups” (Kaua’i, ’19), Editor in Chief, L1 Seattle August ‘19, CF Gymnastics Seattle ‘19

Kayla Benson

Kayla Benson


Heir Apparent

Mel Webb

Mel Webb

Massage Therapist

Amazing friend, unofficial member support team lead and resident strong woman.

Dulcie Gilette

Dulcie Gilette

General Helps and Backup

Bailing out the gym time and time again!

“No one has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which the body is capable.”

~Socrates, c. 399 BCE

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