Tuesday Nov 1

Check the Workout of the Day here. If it says rest, we’re so not resting 🙂 We’ve got skills, drills, train the trainers and squatting to do!! ONWARD and UPWARD On Ramp programming is still the sole property of the Clan Cheiftan 🙂 Here’s a shot of...


This is scary huh 🙂 Happy Halloween everyone! The gym is operating at normal hours, Monday and Tuesday. Zero schedule changes. Go Here for Todays WOD. Post Holiday Cheer and Event invites to comments! The next event to get exited for is Rainier CrossFit’s...

saturday classes

SO SORRY EVERYONE!!!! Classes are cancelled on saturday for the powerlifting meet, if you miss this the workout is nicole, 400m run and max pullups for 20 minutes, yippee!!! Thanks!!!


4 Rounds for Time 800m Run 35 Sit-Ups 5 Turkish Get-Ups Right 53/35 5 Turkish Get-Ups Left 53/35 Let’s have fun with that!


Speed Squats 12 sets of 2 reps, fast! Change Feet position every two sets for a total of 6 positions -then- “Samantha” For Time: 7 Military Press 95/65 7 Push Press 7 Push Jerk 21 Pull-ups 5 Military Press 5 Push Press 5 Push Jerk 15 Pull-ups 3Military...