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Check this out: https://app.truemed.com/crossfit/qualify/tm_qual_gf18rljy3j

You can use your Health Saving Account (HSA) or your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for your membership! ALSO: anything related to maintaining and gaining a healthy metabolic state, like meal services, nutrition support, belts, wraps, shoes, personal training, seminars, entry fees, et hoc genus omne!

Here’s the cliff notes on how it works: 1) you need a doctors note saying that basically you’re a human, 2) they have a 5 question survey and then a doctor who writes that note, 3) it costs $30 (which you can use your HSA for), and then you’re good to go!

The survery asks about family history and current health issues, but here’s the crux: the medical community has unanimously agreed that exercise is good for your health, and to PREVENT metabolic disease which is now recognized as the precursor to all the nasty nasty (cancer, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, etc) diseases, which means that your pre-tax money set aside for your health can and should be used for anything that will prevent, stave off, or delay the onset of these diseases. Voila!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me! My hope is that this makes it just a bit easier to pay for your membership and with any luck you can get some matching contribution bonus thing from your employer and basically get a free membership! And then maybe you can take some other healthy steps, like a meal service, or nutrition guidance, or massages, lets go!!


Monday: 2k Row Time Trial and other strangeness

Tuesday: 3 Rounds for Time of: 3 Bar Muscle-Ups, 3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups, 3 L-Pull-Ups, 33 Ab Mat Sit-ups, 33 Hollow Rocks, 33 Hang Power Cleans 75/55

Wednesday: For Time: 21-15-9 Handstand Push-ups, Box Jumps 24/20, Deadlifts 185/135

Thursday: Turkish Get-Up 1 RM, L-Sit Fun House

Friday: “Jenny” AMRAP in 20 minutes, 20 Overhead Squats (45/35 lb bar), 20 Back Squats (45/35 lb bar), 400 meter Run

Saturday: Three Rounds, add your Bikes together, ski’s together and row’s together. E.g. 2312/772/806 Bike 1 Minute :20 Second Rotate, Ski 1 Minute, :20 Second Rotate, Row 1 Minute, : 20 Second Rotate, 1 Minute Side Plank Right, :20 Seconds Rotate, 1 Minute Side Plank Left :20 Second Rotate, Rest 6:40

Training Season is now in full swing!

And by pretty chill what I mean is training is taking place! This is a good thing, I know you guys like events, but hear me out. Events are great, we come together and smash on stuff and have a good time. We do do this all the time as is 🙂 However, there should be good decently long periods where there aren’t any events like this so we can dig in to basics, root out inefficiencies, focus on our nutrition without any looming fitness dates. Our next event event is going to be the Cornucopia on Thanksgiving, and then the 12 days of Christmas after that in December. So let’s train hard hard for the next 8 weeks so we’re solid for Cornucopia (there’s gonna be some motivating challenges there for returners) and then we’ll be heading smoothly into the Open in the new year. Very excited for this next block of training. Brava team!


Monday: Press for Max 1 and 1 Rep Max Strict Pull-up
Tuesday: 5 Rounds for Time of: Row 650m, Acculmulate 40 Seconds on an L-Sit, 20 Push-ups
Wednesday: “Yeti” For Time: 25 Pull-Ups, 10 Muscle-Ups, 1.5 mile Run, 10 Muscle-Ups, 25 Pull-Ups
Thursday: “Fight Gone Bad” 3 Rounds for Reps: 1 Minute at each station: Wall Ball Shots 20-10/14-9, Sumo Deadlift High Pull 75/55, Box Jump 24/20, Push Press 75/55, Row for Calories
Friday: TIL Farmers Walk Day! How Heavy can you go across the gym with?
Saturday: Max Rounds in 20 Minutes of: 15 Double Unders, 5 Burpees and 1 Power Clean 185/135, trade rounds with your buddy for Max Rounds!

A full week with no funny business!

Let’s get to training!!

Monday: “Tyler” 5 Rounds for Time of: 7 Muscle-ups, 21 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 95/65

Tuesday: “Nancy” 5 Rounds for Time of: Run 400m, 15 Overhead Squats 95/65

Wednesday: Drag Races: 12 Toe to Bars, 12 GHD Sit-ups, 12 Calories on Ski Erg, rest plenty, the gym takes turns in heats of 2, until everyone has done 4 rounds.

Thursday: “Isabel” 30 Snatches for Time 135/95

Friday: Clean Max 5

Saturday: For Time as a Team (Trade Turns): 20 KB Snatches R 44/26, 20 KB Snatches Left 44/26, 20 Deadlifts 135/95, 20 Med Ball Cleans 30/20, 20 Thrusters 65/45, 20 Wall Ball Shots, 20 Burpees, 20 Calories on the Rower, Like Bill does 20 SN R, and then Ted does his 20 SN R, and then Bill does his 20 SN L and so forth.

Chad Week!

No not the Meme Chad, Giga Chad, but Chad1000x our Hero WOD for Monday!

Remember: 5-8am, then 4-6pm. Start by 7am, and 5:00pm!!! No 9am or 11am Class, thanks/sorry guys!

The Workouts:
Monday: Patriot Day “Chad”

Tuesday: Strict Lynne 5 Rounds of Bench Press and Pull-ups at Body Weight

Wednesday: 2 Minutes at each station, teams of 2 or 4, Bike, Rest, Row, Rest, Max Meters in 3 Rounds

Thursday: “The Sevens” 7 Rounds For Time of: 7 Handstand Push-Ups, 7 Thrusters (135/95 lb), 7 Knees-to-Elbows, 7 Deadlifts (245/165 lb), 7 Burpees, 7 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood), 7 Pull-Ups

Friday: Pressing Snatch Balance Max 1, Overhead Squat Max 5

Saturday: Team Kelly! Teams of 2: Run Together with your Med Ball, do partner WB Shots, and share the box jumps! 5 Rounds for Time of: Run 400m, 30 Box Jumps 24/20, 30 Wall Ball Shots 20-10/14-9

Back to Life, Back to Reality!

Hey guys! Remember GYM IS CLOSED MONDAY. Hooray labor day, enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember guys, this week is a little prep-heavy for “Chad” coming up on September 11th. The schedule on that day will be different as well.

Monday 9/11 Patriot Day Schedule: AM Block from 5-8, PM Block from 4-6. The workout takes a while (like an hour or less) so in the AM, you need to start by about 7:00am, in the PM you need to start by about 5:00pm. The other classes will be cancelled for that day, so plan ahead, find a slot that works best for you, and let’s show up big for “Chad!”

Workout Notes:

Background: This “Chad” memorial WOD, sometimes called “CHAD1000X” is dedicated to Chad Michael Wilkinson of the US Navy who died on October 29, 2018, in Virginia Beach on active duty after 22 years of service.

On December 14, 2018, CrossFit Games Director, Dave Castro @thedavecastro posted this workout in memory of Wilkinson, who was a friend. Castro said, “A few weeks ago we lost an American hero. A friend of mine and someone I worked with when I was in the Navy. At his funeral his wife mentioned that he did 1,000 step ups for time with a 45 pound pack on a 20” box to train for climbing Mt Aconcagua. Tonight I did this workout with @jameshobart @apbozman and @jimi.letchford. We did it as a celebration of his life and to honor his memory. If you are looking for something to do this weekend give this one a go and keep Chad in mind.”

From the Navy SEAL Foundation website: “SOCS Chad Michael Wilkinson died by suicide. The Foundation provided immediate tragedy assistance funding, travel and lodging for his family members, flowers and memorial legacy items for the command memorial and reception, as well as a family dinner the evening before the command memorial.”

Chad’s workout and life inspired the creation of The Step Up Foundation @thestepupfoundation, which features the workout in a virtual “CHAD 1000X” event, bringing together athletes from around the world to raise awareness of the epidemic of veteran suicide and to help be part of the solution by supporting veteran health initiatives.


Tuesday: 27 Lunges, 21 Air Squats, 15 Alternating Pistols, 9 Push Press 135/95 3 Rounds for Time

Wednesday: Nicole, people who are gooood at pull-ups should do strict.

Thursday: 7 Minutes for Max Rounds of: 7 Squat Snatches 115/75, 7 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20, L-Hang Fun House to Finish?

Friday: Like FGB: 3 Rounds for Reps/Calories of: Bar Dips, Rowing, GHD Sit-Up, Double Unders, Wall Ball Shots 20-10/14-9, Rest

Saturday: Buddy Buddy Deadlifts 3 Rounds of 5×5 with 95/65, 135/95, 185/135, 225/185, 275/225, or whatever makes the most sense.

The last week of August! It’s such a long month!

I hope you made the 20 WODS! We’ll have a reckoning and we’ll publish the most attended folks in August, amazing. Thankfully September is now here! Remember guys, we’re closed the 2nd and the 4th, GET YOUR LIVES TOGETHER, school, food, new routines, kids, busses, put away the summer accoutrements that are cluttering your life, call Lana, etc. etc 🙂

Monday: For Time: 100m DB Overhead Walk 40/30, 30/24/18/12/6 Pull-ups

Tuesday: Dips Max 5

Wednesday: Arnie For Time: 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Right Arm, 50 Kettlebell Swings, 21 Overhead Squats, Left Arm, 50 Kettlebell Swings, 21 Overhead Squats, Right Arm, 50 Kettlebell Swings, 21 Turkish Get-Ups, Left Arm, Use a single Kettlebell (2/1.5 pood)

Thursday: Holleyman 30 Rounds For Time, 5 Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb), 3 Handstand Push-Ups, 1 Power Clean (225/155 lb)

Friday: Pair Off: Bike 1000m, Ski 500m, Row 500m, rest a significant amount of time, do 3 rounds on the day

Saturday: CLOSED

You aren’t going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have

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