More Jump Rope! Google Buddy Lee, do it.

Another good day for PR’s and general improvement!

Part A:
Double Under Practice Session OR Handstand Walking Practice Session

Part B:
“Annie” 50/40/30/20/10 Double Unders and Ab-mat situps

Those who are mutated, and capable of under 7 minute as RX times, can add a set of 60 to the front of this workout. The rest of us, enjoy it as is or scaled down!

Another day to improve! Come build your skills and strength

These days are the hardest for the coaches, but you’ve got to see them as the most developmental for you in the long term.

The workout:

30 Muscle-ups for time

I could go on and on about the scaling options, and shorter work pieces, the prerequisites in strength and coordination that must be built et hoc genus omne. I don’t want to type that much. Look at it this way. Those that have muscle-ups are nearly always our fittest athletes, what the use fighting that and not working on it then? Huh? Write me that rebuttal instead! HUGS 🙂

Why not have strong arms? What’s to lose?!

After a day like yesterday, let’s chill out, lay down, and get heavy.

Bench Press x3 with Barbell Rows

I’ve heard it said this way: “if your arms are in front of you, and you want them to be stronger, the bench press will help with that.” It’s kind of a duh, but I think it’s actually eloquent.

An oldie, but a goodie! Good day for a PR, let’s get one!

Filthy 50’s is a classic workout, and very fun to do, and very difficult to do well! Scale the reps, and the moves, and then blast away as fast as you can!

The Workout:
50 Reps of each movement:

Box Jump 24/20
Jumping Pull-ups
KB Swing 35/26
Walking Lunges
Knee to Elbows
Push Press 45/33
Back Extensions
Wall Ball Shots 20-10’/14-9′
Double Unders

3,2,1… GO! Typically the reps are reduced, half, dirty 30’s, Lordy 40’s etc. Enjoy!

You know what happens after gymnastics day… 🙂

We crush it! One of the hardest workouts we have, doesn’t look like much on paper, for sure, but it’s a doozy, when applied properly. Let the scaling happen, keep the deadlift reasonable (if you pull 400+ then Rx is available) and jam out the rest!

The Workout:
“Diane” 21-15-9 for time of: Deadlifts 225/155 and Handstand Push-ups

Once finished, rest, until the next day when you have another opportunity to excel.

Come practice and get better at stuff! These skills transfer to everything!

Seems like “not a workout” I know, but take that little piece of insanity that says “if I don’t get sweaty and die, I’ll never be fit” and replace it with a grateful and helpful piece like this that says “by getting better at harder movements, I can use tougher moves in workouts, which is the gateway to being really fit!” Once you’ve done that, then today will make sense. Be kind to yourselves, and grow stronger 🙂

The Workout:
Gymnasitcs Day!!

15 Minutes on each:

1: Scales and Planks
2: Pistols
3: Bar Muscle-ups
4: Dips (Bar or Rings, whichever you need!)

Let the coach lead you through the pieces, get as far as you can as best as you can, and then be ready for Tuesday!

You aren’t going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have


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