posted a day early for your teaming upping

Workout for Friday August 19th:

15 Minutes for as many Toes to Bars as possible:

200m Run
Max Toes to Bars

Trade stations when your partner returns from the run. So like, if Steve and Erika are on a team, Steve takes off on the run, and Erika starts doing Toes to Bars, Steve gets back from the run, Erika has done 34 Toes to Bars, Steve asks breathless, “how many?” Erika replies spritely “34” and trots off on the run. Steve begins doing Toes to Bars, shortly thereafter Erika returns and asks Steve “how many?” Steve replies between gasps and sweat dripplets “36”, Erika in disbelief retorts, you did 36?!”, Steve clarifies, “no, we’re on 36!” as he staggers out the door. Erika understanding her predicament, begins blasting away at more toes to bars.

I hope that helps explain the workout more 🙂