Yooo! Big news: Carrie and I bought another gym! I know what you’re thinking: and yes, we are going to keep LCF too! We’ve got more coaches, and it gets John, Terra and Eileen more hours, which is good! We’ve been teaching classes and working on getting this new gym up to speed since before the new year, so we’re in our 4th week there and nothing has exploded yet!! So we’re going to unite the Clans Jan 29th for the first of 4 rowing events this year! Come say hi to the Westgate Crew, and also the Blackwood Builders Crew (we’ve been training them all last year on their equipment in a warehouse in Lynnwood!).

Rachael, don’t be afraid, come row hard and have fun! Maher, wear so many Nike layers that no one can doubt your commitment to, in deed, “just doing it.” Kacy, come represent for the blue collar, and Amy, show ’em how a boss does it (with Dave critiqueing in the background).

5,000m on the Concept 2 Rowing Ergometer

Location: (it’s a little far from Lynnwood, but the location itself is perfect)
Sunset School Park
17800 Tenth Ave NW
Shoreline Wa, 98177

Saturday Jan 29th 9:00am is the first heat

Because this is an awesome workout, that needs to be done with friends, within a motivational setting! This is a covered outdoor venue, we’ll set up the rowers, get warmed up enough, and then smash it out!

YOU! We can certainly scale the workout, by reducing the total meters, 4,000, 3,000 etc. But we’ve budgeted 30 minutes to each heat so you have that long to finish.

How long does it take?!
If you row at 2:00 pace, it takes 20:00. If you row at 2:30 pace it takes 25 minutes. Boom.

How do I know when to show up?
That’s really tricky. We’re to have heats (groups going at the same time) at 9:00, 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30. That leaves room for about 40 total athletes! Reserve you and your friends’ spot in the gyms come Monday! It’ll be up on the boards, and we’ll have to cross reference to make sure that everything works out! If a spot is blanked out, it’s blanked out!

For us taking the rowers out there from the gym, setting them up, staying there for two hours, and then lugging them back to the gym, count it as a regular session for attendance purposes. If it puts you over your sessions that means it’s a drop in session ($20) if you’re unlimited it’s included in what you get to rock.

Thanks for being awesome guys! Can’t wait for this!