Attention Members!

Colin Wall Ball We’ve just posted some changes to the CrossFit Schedule!!   Click on the calendar or the link to the left 🙂 Thanks!


Literally 🙂  These are two of our Fire Fighters who just earned their Level 1 status.  Now they can really get to work!!  Nice work Nicole and Jolie.  Nicole Hangin’ Out


  Does she freak you out?  Piercings, choker necklaces, taped up wrists… She should because she’s CRAZY. Local’s Gym on the other hand is for (you guessed it) Local People.  Hence, “Local’s”.   Our vision is to offer, simply...

Total Body Metrics

I wanted to test our Crossfitters on some marker of whole body strength, endurance and power without too much balance, agility and accuracy etc.   No handstand, muscle-up craziness. This is close to being a great test.  Not as close as DL max followed by 4 min of...

Hail to the conquering hero's!

Dah dah duh duhdi duh da dah! Dan and Tim our two favorite powerlifters 🙂   We went to Anaheim California for the WABDL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships.  600 lifters, 42 states and 16 countries!   Dan took second to Serafin Rocha-Lima of Brazil in the...