Magnificent 7: (if you haven’t seen the movie, the original black and white, The Seven Samurai, do so at your earliest opportunity you’ll not regret it)

7 Tough Workouts, that should be done with friends, and proper motivation:
Karen – Yep, we’ll give out stickers like you just gave blood 🙂
2k Row – It’ll be a big event, April 2nd, for my Birthday, who’s in?!
Marathon Bike – On the Concept 2, we’ll set the day, you do the 90 minutes!
Eva – 5 Rounds is so much, gotta find an outdoor pull-up bar, and a track nearby, ideas?
Linda – This one needs a buddy, and some serious time for sure.
Gilligan – a three hour tour. BBQ, shade, and outside for sure!
Camp Muir – yeah, like Rainier, it’s only 10,000ft. LET’s GO!

Upon completion, I’ll give out patch, I love patches for those that made all 7. Also, I’ll be working up the costs that the gym will incur to host these events, staff them, run equipment all over town, pay the coaches to support your efforts, but the stickers, etc. etc. and I’ll let you guys know what that’ll be with a breakdown of course so you know you’re not getting raked over the coals for nothing.

The Workout:

50/40/30/20/10 for Time of: Double Unders and Sit-ups