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Aloha From Kaua’i!!

The trail run was a huge success!  We all made it, we hefted the sandbags, we slid the slides, we got wasted with mud, and all was well!!  Mega money for the kids program out here and much fun had by all!     The before, the after and an example of the...

Yay School’s Back In!!

The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is next weekend!  There’s a bunch of us going, so be prepared to have some classes be sparse 🙂 We’re fundraising with special T-shirts!  The suggested donation is $35 with all proceeds going to the Keala Foundation.  Google it, check...

Gilligan’s Week!!

Monday:  Should totally be fine. AMRAP 12 Minutes of: 4 Bar Muscle-ups, 25 Alt DB Snatches 45/30   Tuesday: LCF as Rx’d "J-BO” 14-min AMRAP: 9 Overhed Squats (115/75) 1 Legless Rope Climb 12 Floor Presses (115/75)   Wednesday: We’ll explain, don’t worry...

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Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run!

Hey guys! Let’s get planning this years trip to Kaua’i to get muddy and have a blast! Here’s the 10,000ft run down: the CrossFit program to help the kids of the island of Kaua’i is funded entirely by this event. It’s an awesome event, and the impact their having on...

The Dirty Dozen Club

Here’s the newest action team! We’re gonna run the 12 workouts that no one wants to do ever alone, in class, or for any reason. Here’s the trick; once we know that, you have to do them. These will be arranged outside of class times, or sometimes in place of normal...

DEXA Scan in the gym!

Hey guys I got it set up!  Tuesday the 16th starting at 6:00am, the truck will be here to do the scans!!  [Correction] I’ll be getting the registration link from Jason soon, and i’ll Post that. Sorry! The cost is $45, I would like to do this ideally twice a year, once...

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