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Tuesday’s Late Back Squat Post!!

Sorry guys 🙂   Back Squats!  30-1-20-1-10-1.  Great day for a new Max PR, and if you've done it before, it's a great day for some mini records as well. Rock it!

Monday’s Games Style Workout “Amanda”

Here's a story: when this workout first came out, waaaaaay back in the day, 2010 I think, I was working the CrossFit Games. It was the final workout of Day 1, and it was in a random heat, like 2nd or 3rd heat, and I had a card for this guy I've never head of before,...

Sunny Saturday Sessions at Wilcox Park!

NO AM CLASSES SATURDAY THE 19TH AT THE GYM.  WE'RE AT WILCOX PARK INSTEAD at 11:00AM!! Hey guys!  Come join us, sweaty times and meat afterwards!  Scaling of course, no vest of course, and yeah I've got the gear covered, except a few extra rowers and we're all set :)....

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Gym is NOT Open Monday!!

The gym is closed from Monday the 16th through March 31st, whatever day of the week that is!? Hey guys!  It's finally happened, ole' Jay (the Governor) has shut us down.  I'm excited that it takes a pandemic to get us to close up shop! My main focus for the last 12...

Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run!

Hey guys! Let’s get planning this years trip to Kaua’i to get muddy and have a blast! Here’s the 10,000ft run down: the CrossFit program to help the kids of the island of Kaua’i is funded entirely by this event. It’s an awesome event, and the impact their having on...

The Dirty Dozen Club

Here’s the newest action team! We’re gonna run the 12 workouts that no one wants to do ever alone, in class, or for any reason. Here’s the trick; once we know that, you have to do them. These will be arranged outside of class times, or sometimes in place of normal...

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