From the iPhone of Walid:

I think what u should do is this:
Have a get together party..
Bring food..
Have music..
Have ur awards( make sure I get one)..
Have the slide show..
and just let people hang out ..


Tri Pod

Tickets are $15, all proceeds will go to the “6th Rower Fund”! We’re gonna have tasty eats, drinks, an awesome slideshow (!), awards presentation (get your vote on at the gym!! or print out your copy Voting Form), and much much more! They always say that, but you know what? They mean it too!!!
Our 2nd Anniversary Shindig festivities will commence at 6:00PM Saturday the 14th. Yeah next weekend! This is our time to connect with each other, to share memories, to make some new ones, to talk about training and suffering and growing – we need to do this. This is good for us.

I need people to pay up so we can get this thing off the ground! Come buy tickets! The facebook invite is out, voting forms are at the gym, get ready people!

Nice Socks…