Everyone loves doing L-sits!!!  How about V-sits??!?!  Check this guy out!


Okay he wins, totally.  Quit whining about your L-sit.  Kurt Thomas is his name – give credit where credit is due.  Here’s the plan, Paralleletes are awesome to train with, gymnastics is a huge foundation for CrossFit programming and the better you are at it the better you’ll be at everything we’re trying to do here.  A pair of P-Bars are indispensable, handstand practice, tuck sits, deep push-ups, pirouettes, all lever work.  

We’re gonna have a P-Bar Party, we buy all the parts, you come help glue, tape, cut and hold and we make a ton of bars in no time at all and you get a pair to take home to practice with and the gym gets enough to use during the busiest classes!!!  

Thursday night the 5th at 7:30 after class we’ll get to business!!!

Bring nothing, but your two able, calloused, cut up, torn apart, chalky hands 🙂