Saturday May 3rd.  This saturday!!  

Local’s Gym The Home of Lynnwood CrossFit is hosting a "CrossFit Total" competition, which includes:

Now here’s what we’re talking about…

Max Squat in three attempts

Max Military Press in three attempts,

and Max Deadlift in three attempts.




No intimidation!  It’s all about where you’re at, this is great training details to know!!! 

Details:  May 3rd.  Saturday.  We’ll start at 1:00PM.  Cost: Just your grunts!  Bring:  Food, belt, shoes, attitude, camera and friends 🙂

Post back and let us know you’re coming!!!  It’d be great to have a packed house!!

Jesse and the Washington CrossFit Crew invite all lifters everywhere, to attend – even if you’re from 24 Hour…  We wanna see what you’ve got!