Here’s the scope of what’s happening for the Open! If you haven’t registered, you should really think about it, it’s $20, which if you’re worried about “wasting money on something like this” let’s go ahead and check over that last Costco/Target receipt with a little more scrutiny 🙂 It allows you to put in your scores, which doesn’t seem like much, but it’s a cool think we get to do for only three weeks each year to be a part of the greater CrossFit experience rather than simply hanging out in our little corner of CrossFittendom.

Weekly schedule: the workouts are announced Thursday nights at like 5:00pm, so with that in mind (no I don’t have a secret squirrel hook up), Friday’s are the day that the gym will generally do the workout. Remember that they have legitimate rules as far as spacing, lines, reps etc. That have to be adhered to (which I think is really cool, for three weeks) so the set-up can often be quite onerous. Be ready for that!

Furthermore, Thursdays become Gymnastics Days! This has become our tradition, I think it’s great. It allows us to try cool human tricks that we otherwise might not devote any time towards throughout the year. But since we have no idea what Friday is, what are we gonna do? It’s perfect. Be excited for gymnastics day, come try things, experiment, and get better at controlling you!

That all starts next week. This week however is a regular ole’ beatdown session courtesy of your own evil mastermind 🙂

Monday: Lynne

Tuesday: Press Max 1 -then- Randy

Wednesday: 3 Rounds: Row 1000 rest as needed

Thurday: Elizabeth

Friday: Overhead Squat x5

Saturday: Teams of 3 like FGB

5 Rounds for Reps

Horizontal Ring Rows
Ab Mat Sit-ups