Geez! It’s almost nearly the 4th.

We’re gonna close Saturday the 2nd. I think attendance will be nearly zero, and it’ll give all your coaches a nice break. Remember when I was all fired up about offering 292 workouts to you guys this year? I’m still fired up, I’ve missed plenty myself, as most of us have, but this Saturday was accounted for in that original 292, and I just counted, there’s 143 workouts left this year. That’s about half. Dang. What a year it’s been huh?

Updates: Grace for Distance is going to be Saturday the 16th, at Richmond Beach Park 10:30am!

Parade Info! We’re gonna meet up at the Edmonds Gym in the morning to put the rig together and get all patriotic. As far as what to wear: RED WHITE AND BLUE! I know I know, I like totally dropped the ball and should have ordered shirts and all that stuff, I only learned about the parade June 10th, and I’ve since secured a trailer, banners and magnet signage for the Jeep, potentially a PA system as well. Mountains have been moved as per usual.

The parade starts at noon sharp, which means that 11:45am is the final muster time, and registration for yours truly is 9:30am! That also means that parking is going to be insane. Plan ahead, and we’ll save parking at Turn It Loose for our peeps, but there’ll still be a limit there for sure.

Below below, I’ll post the instructions given to me for you guys to check out.

SUMMER KIDS CLASSES! OMG Deets below as well, thanks you guys!! These are gonna be so rad 🙂

Monday: “JT” For Time: 21-15-9 Handstand Push-Ups, Ring Dips, Push-Ups

Tuesday: “Michael” 3 rounds For Time; 800m Run, 50 Back Extensions, 50 Sit-Ups

Wednesday: Ring Muscle-up Training Day!! Along with 1 Rep Max Pull-up + Accessories

Thursday: Back Squat Max 3

Friday: “Hildy” For Time: 100/70 Calorie Row, 75 Thrusters 45/35, 50 Pull-Ups, 75 Wall Ball Shots 20-10’/14-9″, 100/70 Cal Row, wear a weight vest?

Saturday: Closed

Kids and Teens Info:

Block 1: Tue/Thur, July 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 19th and 21st

4:15pm-4:45pm Ages 6-12 at Turn It Loose
1:30pm-2:30pm Teens 13+ at Lynnwood CrossFit

Block 2: Tue/Thur, August 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th, 16th, and 18th

4:15pm-4:45pm Ages 6-12 at Turn It Loose
1:30pm-2:30pm Teens 13+ at Lynnwood CrossFit

Register and Pay Here: Choose the block or blocks you want, and off you go!

Which Block

For Each Additional Kidlet or Radical Teenager:

Which Block


The Edmonds Chamber is excited to once again host the Edmonds 4th of July Main Parade and are so glad you’ll be joining us!


Remember to give yourself plenty of time to navigate the holiday traffic, closed roads and any crowds. See map below with closed roads marked with “XXX”

· Main Parade check-in is on the west side of 7th Ave N at Glen St, beginning at 9:30 am, Monday, July 4th. Check in NO LATER than 11:15am. Only one rep from your group needs to officially check-in. Participants checking in after 11:15 may not be admitted. No refunds for late arrival.

· Directions: Approach check-in area from the corner of 7th & Caspers, turn left onto 7th, proceed south to the check-in booth on the right side of the street and send one representative to the check-in booth to receive your unit placement number and final instructions. YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR UNIT PLACEMENT NUMBER & PLACE IN LINE-UP UPON CHECK-IN.

· All participating parade marchers & drivers must be in place and ready to start by 11:45am.

· Staging: If members of your group arrive at different times, they can check in at 7th Ave N & Glen St to be told and shown where along the parade staging area to meet.

· Parking: There is no reserved parking for parade participants. Find parking in surrounding neighborhoods outside of the closed roads. We recommend carpooling as much as possible. Streets around downtown close from 6:00am until 3:00pm.

· Entries wanting to be judged for one of the trophies must be in their parade lineup placement by 10:15am, when the judging begins.

· The Parade begins at NOON. The route is 9/10th of a mile.

· Parade ends at 4th Ave. N. and Daley Street. DO NOT STOP at the parade end. Follow the directions of the parade official stationed at this location.

To protect children from running into the street, DO NOT THROW favors or candy into the crowd.
You may walk along both sides of the parade route and directly HAND favors or candy to spectators.

Edmonds Chamber of Commerce 4th of July Parade Rules and Regulations

1. The Greater Edmonds Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to remove any entry from the parade that does not comply with instructions from Parade Officials or Edmonds Police.
2. FLOATS must be fire-retardant and carry fire extinguishers.
3. The driver must have a 180-degree field of vision and carry a valid driver’s license.
4. No smoking anything while in parade staging or while in active parade at any time.
5. Units are limited to a maximum height of 14 feet.
6. Only entries that have paid the Commercial Entry Fee may carry or display a commercial/business message. If the appropriate fee has not been paid, you will be asked to leave the parade without refund.
7. Only entries and participants that have paid the Political Entry Fee may carry or display a political campaign message. If the appropriate fee is not paid, you will be asked to leave the parade without refund.
8. Once the parade starts moving, maintain a 30’ space between entries and limit any performance to the area in front of the reviewing stands.
9. All units, floats and vehicles must maintain forward movement. Do not stop on the route for performances as it impacts the entire parade.
10. All equestrian or animal entries must have their own clean up crew.
11. Any unit that is considered unsafe by Parade Staff or police / fire department will be removed from the parade without refund. Additional safety guidelines follow.
No materials (such as candy, literature, product samples, favors, etc.) may be thrown from vehicles or by walkers.
Do not use spraying devices (water guns, etc).
Do not jump off of and back onto a moving vehicle in the parade.
All riders on a moving vehicle must remain seated or be strapped in securely (back of pick-up truck & convertible cars please just stay seated). No movement performances (ie. dancing) on moving vehicles are allowed.
Consumption of and/or possession of alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal substances are forbidden.
Inappropriate attire worn by entrant(s) may result in removal from participation in the parade. This is a FAMILY event.