Alright, it’s not that new, but there’s some things that are improved!! BIG BIG thanks to Terra and John, they CRUSHED the painting and Terra especially as being the Forewoman on the job keeping John and I focused on completing the work, and doing a good just instead of a half ass job. I hate painting and so I always look to cut corners, she’s amazing, as if you already didn’t know. Big shout out to Dulcie for major Friday help!! She came in strong AF and saved the day. Lastly, thanks to Mary for hooking up Friday breakast (eggies!) so I didn’t have to fast until lunch! I also saved the left overs and smashed them Saturday morning on the way to Seattle for the L1 we’re working this weekend! Thanks Mary!

The Workouts!

Monday: Elizabeth For time: 21-15-9 Power Cleans 135/95, Ring dips
Tuesday: STONES DAY!
Wednesday: Nicole Max Rounds in 20 minutes of: 400m run, max reps pull-ups
Thursday: Push Jerk for Max 1
Friday: Karen For time: 150 Wall Ball Shots 20/14 – 10’/9′
Saturday: Row/Push-up team workout. Partner up. Row 250m, do 15 Push-Ups 8 Rounds for Time.

Big thanks for last week guys, it was a super grind (12-14 hour days Sun-Thur, TGIF if was like only 8!) but we got so much done. I hope you had a good time following along on IG it was fun posting, don’t get use to it 🙂 The next time we’ll be closing is for the week between Christmas and New Years. PLAN FOR IT. Take a trip, book that AirBnb right now, call you long lost cousin and start repairing your family so you can visit during that week. See? I’m here to help 🙂

Let’s CRUSH this week and get back to it! Murph is coming!