It’s finally here!

Zoom Time: 9:00am.  If you want to go over scaling personally and more in depth and/or find some teammates, coming a little early will help.  I’ll be on there at 8:40am to start this process up!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313

After we all get together, answer some questions, layout what’s needed, you guys will break out into your own zoom meetings with each other on your team, do the workout, then reconnect back on the main zoom meeting (listed above).  Those with good zoom accounts might be designated as “team captains” of sorts to make sure people get into the rooms.  We’ll be using the chat function and email for sure to get everyone taken care of.  Let’s be patient, take our time, and then have a momentous hopefully 1 and only time, that we’ll do this workout virtually! 


Cornucopia WOD: Our 12th time!

Teams of 4 or 5:

200 Reps of each movement:

KB Snatches 35/26
Deadlifts 95/65
Wall Ball Shots 20/12
Medicine Ball Cleans 20/12
Thrusters 45/33
Calories on the Rower

For Time!


Scaling the movements is super key!!  This year more than ever, equipment issues, zoom issues and spacing issues!

KB Snatches —> DB Snatches, or KB Swings/DB Swings
Deadlifts —-> Lighter Deadlifts, KB or DB Deads, or also from the knee to the hip (staying off the floor that way)
Wall Ball Shots —-> Can be air squats, can be squats holding the ball, can be with one dumbbell
Medicine Ball Cleans —-> Can be power cleans (no full squat) if your legs are juiced already, can be DB or KB as well
Burpees —-> Yay burpees, any scaling here makes sense, typically a reduction in the reps is important
Pull-Ups —-> Jumping Pull-ups or Ring Rows!
Thrusters —-> Can be air squats, can be jumping squats, can be DB/KB, just try to make it different somehow from any other scale used today!
Calories on the Rower —-> Row like crazy!  If no rower, Sumo Deadlift High Pull is the movement to do with KB/DB is the place to go!

REPS – take care of yourself here

This is the one workout that we adore for posterity and tradition, but it’s also the workout we get the most problems with!  It’s really long, and I’m not gonna be there to watch you, SO YOU NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR YOURSELF. What that means is that typically there are way too many reps in this workout if you haven’t been training at a consistent high level.  A team of 5 goes a long way to making things better, each person has “only” to do 40 reps at an even split that way.  However, I’ll use myself as an example, me and pull-ups at high reps aren’t the best of friends, so I routinely (and this year will be no exception!) recruit a few jumping pull-up/ring row scalers and have them do more reps so I can get away with fewer pull-ups.  The moves to make sure that you don’t do too many of are the BURPEES, MED BALL CLEANS, WALL BALLS, these three moves are really tough on the system, and are really high intensity.  Scale the movement, do a few reps at a time, don’t panic, you’ll get there, it’s a big number just keep passing it and have fun with it!!!