Yeah!!  Remember guys, cornucopia will be awesome, all you have to do is show up on zoom at 9:00am and we’ll make it happen from there!!  We’ll break out into smaller zoom groups, do the workout, then have a meet up when we’re all done, and it’ll be great!  I’ll help scale the workout, and we’ll demo the moves, and all that good stuff.  Piece of cake you guys 🙂


Zoom Time: 7:00am, 11:00am, 6:30pm (For next week I’ll put out the whole week in advance, thanks guys!)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313



Split Jerk for 1 RM


Home Version:

Practice Jerks with what you’ve got on hand!  And then also some jumping lunges, not too many, remember tomorrow, but some is wise for sure.

Side Planks to finish would be legit!



To include jumps, a jerk progression, some stick work, and then smash the movement for awesome.


Scaling options:

Knee: Push Jerk might be better, push press or press might be better still

Arm: Single Arm versions are tricky and totally worth it from a balance standpoint if nothing else.



Max Rounds in 12 minutes of:

Row 12/9 calories, rest :25 Seconds