Zoom! For Friday and Saturday.  Workouts for both days below 🙂 Happy scrolling!

Friday Zoom Times: 11:00am

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Sunday Zoom!

BT3 ON SUNDAY at 5:00pm

Zoom ID: 874 1222 5401

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Here’s the workout:

Max Rounds in 15 Minutes of

20 DB Overhead Squats (10 left, 10 right)

30 Squat Thrusts (Half Burpee)

40 Flutter Kicks


Squat Thrust: A.K.A. the “Half Burpee”.  Hands down, feet back to push-up position, bring feet forward and then stand back up.  NO chest to floor component 🙂

Flutter kicks: Lay on your back and with your feet about a foot off the ground, scissor your legs up and down quickly.  Each time your legs cross each other is a rep.  Try to keep your lower back against the floor using your stomach muscles!



The Overhead Squats should be tough for 10, but done with a weight/depth that keeps you from twisting, going on your toes, or anything bad technique-wise.  Explore the load here, make it heavy as you can still get 10 reps with your off hand.


I think warming up with some Squat Therapy reps intermingled with pass-throughs and some 90-90’s is just darn smart.  Stretch the hamstrings to make way for life, and you should be good to go!




Yesterday was fun.  Let’s take a simpler approach 🙂

Warm up enough to be really ready, then:

3000m Time Trial



The Workout!

Scales, and L-sits for 20 minutes-ish and then:


Max Rounds in 12 minutes of:

15 Power Cleans with Something cool (Sandbag, duffel, case of La Croix, barbell, etc)

12 Candle Sticks

9 Military Presses (barbell, DB’s, cinder block, etc.)



Do the Scales and the L-Sits for at least 20 minutes to get things rolling, make sure you do a bunch of arm swings to prep for inchworms, and then practice the clean for a while to get it solid and the loading appropriate to where you can do all 15 in a row and have it be tough when you get there 🙂 SMASH it.



Warm up really well, and then smash the start!

For Max Rounds:

Row 300m – ALL OUT

Rest twice as long as it took to row it

Stop when you complete a round that is 5 seconds longer than your best round.

If you’ve done more than 6 rounds stop, and you probably should have tried harder on your first round, or the second 🙂