Zoom today and Sunday!  Sunday has different stuff heads up!  Sorry for the huge post and the scrolling, I’m gone in Portland this weekend teaching a Level 1 for HQ!  Second time this year!  Whoa.

Friday Zoom Times: 11:00am

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313


Sunday Zoom!

BT3 ON SUNDAY at 5:00pm

Zoom ID: 874 1222 5401

No passcode 🙂


Friday’s Workout:

Max Rounds in 15 minutes of:

20 Alternating Pistols, or pistol progression

10 Stink Bugs

20 Candlesticks

20 Lying Leg Raises





OK Guys, take smooth rounds working to warming:

Hollow Rocks

Knee Push-ups

Wall Squats (Squat Therapy Style)

The spend some time practicing each move.  Work through the pistol progression to find the place where it works really well for you and then also if you have pistols, do enough of the progression to get really warmed up.  For the stink bug, think hard about whether or not using the basic regular push-up won’t be a better workout for you.  The stink bug is really tough on the shoulders, and especially the internal rotation of the shoulder!  Be smart here guys!  The combination of Candlestick into Lying leg raise is meant to be brutal 🙂 You’re welcome!!


:30 on / :30 off for 10 rounds with 5 minutes easy at the start and finish


Saturday’s Workout:

Max Rounds in 14 Minutes of:

12 Wall Squats, low and slow

75 Russian Twists

10 Chair Dips

12 Wall Squats, low and slow

75 Russian Twists

10 Clapping Push-ups



Easy Rounds, enough to get the blood flowing and the joints happier:

Side Planks

Push-up Pluses (shoulders forward and back, while elbows stay straight)

Dip Supports

Walking Lunges and/or Air Squats


Check out the moves after that, practice your pistol progressions, something soft enough for the Russian twists, and then stable enough for the dips.  Blast away at rounds team!!



7 Rounds of:

70 Seconds ON

70 Seconds OFF

First two rounds, try to be below your 500m pace, then try to stay within 5 seconds of it for the rest 🙂