The Workout:

4 Rounds for awesome:

20 Split Squats holding a medball or light KB or jug of laundry soap

20 Rotating Jumps (jump well, land well, rotate 90 degrees if you can)

20 Hollow Rocks

Max Push-ups without stopping


Do whatever kind of pulling you have, rings and ring rows, ring pull-ups, strict pull-ups if you have a bar, down dog rows if you can do those, something, banded rows to fatigue.  GET SOME PULLING IN.  Play tug of war with your pit bull, HARD. Find a way.


Rowing: Read Carefully 🙂

35 Seconds for Max Calories (you better send it!!)

Rest 85 seconds

Then How long/how many rounds can you do?

40 Seconds to match the calories rowed in the 35 seconds

Rest 1:20