Sorry for the lateness!!

Sunday Zoom!

BT3 ON SUNDAY at 5:00pm

Zoom ID: 874 1222 5401

No passcode 🙂



The Workout:

Accumulate as much time “march” planking as possible in 20 minutes like this:

Do KB Swings for 1 Minute, “march” Plank until you can’t any longer (no resting)

A march plank is where you’re in the plank position, but you pick up 1 of your feet and then put it right back down and pick the other one up and then put it right back down, basically “marching” in place, while you’re in the plank position.  Should make it way nastier 🙂

The idea is that you plank for as long as you can, and when you have to break you get up and swing for a minute, and then back down you go and smash it, and then get back up and run.  It should be pretty astounding after the 10 minute mark I think 🙂


Warm-up wise, get ready for swings, hamstring stuff, good mornings etc. also standing twists, short plank holds, some hollow rocks, then be ready to rock it!  It’s a great day for a plank PR, so GET IT!!



Rest day