Hey guys, another tri-post!

Zoom Times: Friday 6:00am, Friday 11am, Sunday 5:00PM for Terra Time

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Meeting ID: 543 692 6158

Passcode: 162313


Friday’s Workout: (Saturday’s workout below)

1 Minute of Hollow Arch

1 Minute of Kneeling GM’s

1 Minute of Rotating Jumps

5 Rounds for Reps!


Warm-up should include leg swings, and specific hamstring stretches, plenty of calf raises and jumping jacks and other hopping around.  Jump rope if you have one!  Do find a way to anchor your feet for the GM’s, and practice the hollow arch to be sure that you don’t pinch your back, but actually rock back and forth.  NOT so easy!!


Saturday’s Workout:

5 Rounds for Time of:

Run in Place for 60 Seconds

15 Right Handed (Left Legged) Lawnmower Pulls

40 Right Hand Down Side Plank Hip Circles

15 Left Handed (Right Legged) Lawnmower Pulls

40 Left Hand Down Side Plank Hip Circles




Warm-up: hit those leg swings again, and hamstrings, they’re gonna get whooped by this one.  Do some regular planks and Russian twists as well to get the abs sorted out.  Spend time warming the shoulders with push-up holds and marching the hands while in the push up position, shoulder taps and the like.  Make sure the calves are ready to run with some ankle rolls, and calf raises like yesterday for the jumps.  Too cool!