No Zoom Saturday!


Here’s the workout team!


For Time:

100 Jumping Jacks

50 Stationary Lunges (step backwards, if that’s comfy)

100 Flutter Kicks (lay on back like a leg raises, and then flutter your legs like swimming)

50 Stationary Lunges (step forwards, if that’s comfy)

100 Face Down Flutter Kicks (just like above, only on your stomach!)

50 Sit-ups (feet anchored is OK)

100 Split Jacks (like Jumping Jacks only your feet split front to back instead of side to side)

50 Down Dog Shoulder Taps (just like the push-up shoulder taps, but hold the Down Dog position instead)

100 Russian Twists

50 Mountain Climbers

100 Bicycle Abs (remember that old tune?  “Savin’ the best for last”)