The Friendly Fifth of February is almost upon us!!  It’s this week, this is a great time to bring your buddies by to have them try a workout, meet some peeps, and start their road to fitness 🙂 Invite them, they’ll probably turn up!


Monday the 3rd:

Bench Press x5


Tuesday the 4th:

3 Rounds for Time of:

21 KB Suitcase Deadlifts 70/53 Right

21 KB Suitcase Deadlifts 70/53 Left

15 Sandbag Over Shoulder 100/50 (Alternate Sides)

9 Strict Pull-ups


Wednesday the 5th: The friendly Fifth!!

For all the new peeps, the workout will be thus:

2 Rounds, quasi for time of: (like do it, but don’t rush, or try too hard!)

300m Row

12 Air Squats

12 PVC Push Presses

For the Crew: I expect that you guys can pretty much manage this workout with too much ado, IF there’s a few new people in class, you can maintain equanimity in the face of such a diluted focus.  Bravo.

Max Rounds in 12 minutes of:

7 Ring Dips

20 MB Lunges 30/20 (held in front)


Thursday the 6th:

5 Rounds for Time of:

40 Double Unders

12 DB Hang power Cleans 40/30


Friday the 7th:

30 – 1 – 20 – 1 – 10 – 1

Sumo Deadlift High Pull


Saturday the 8th:

Teams of 4!

For Time, in order, but shared however you like!

400 Pull-ups

400 Push-ups

400 Sit-ups

400 Air Squats