I’m not sure which of these workouts to Cherry Pick?! I def wanna do Thursday, Wednesday looks fun, Tuesday I’ve got to do or I’ll be relegated to weakling status soon, Monday sounds rocking, Friday is like what?! And Saturday is going to be NASTY!!! With friends like these, who needs enemies!?

Monday: DL/Hang Clean/Hang Clean and Jerk for 1RM complex

Tuesday: Front Squat x5

Wednesday: 3 Bar Muscle Ups, 6 Med Ball Cleans 50/30, 9 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 Max Rounds in 20 minutes

Thursday: 50ft Bear Crawl, 50 Feet Broad Jumps, 50 Feet Plate Slithers, 50 Feet Single DB OH Lunges 35/20, 3 Rounds for Time

Friday: 5 Suitcase Deadlifts R 95/65, 5 Suitcase Deads L 95/65, 5 Toes to Bars, 5 Power Clean and Press 95/65, Max rounds in 12 minutes

Saturday: 300m Row times the rotation, Max Rounds in 15 minutes of: 25 Double Unders, 4 L-Pull-ups