Get ready guys!


Monday: Partners, 12 DB Military Press 50/35, 12 KB swings 70/53, 12 Burpees to touch the rig, trade rounds until each does 5, for time

Tuesday: 10 Rep Back Squat into 10 Reps Thruster, like two bars, as a compound set, for max weight

Wednesday: Teams of 3: row 250, 25 push-ups, 25 hollow rocks, each buddy does 4 rounds, when the rower is clear begin, stay in order!

Thursday: Wedding WOD for Erika and Jayce: Run 1 Mile, for time, immediately into 10 minutes to find a max clean, finish with Tabata Sit-ups

Friday: Deadlifts x3

Saturday: Teams of 2: 50 Synchro Pull-ups, 50 Synchro Wall Balls, 50 Synchro Box Jumps, 2 Rounds for Time


Weightlifting Conjugate:  Congrats Chad!!  Take it easy this week, then next week slam it!

Monday: Speed Strength Snatch

Mid Thigh Hang Muscle Snatch 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%

Cambered Bar on Back, Box Squat, 10×2 50% of Straight Bar Max, Bands to Front 25%, wide stance

Zercher Romanian 5×5 Deadlift

40 Seated Jumps with Vest – sideways

Hollow Arch 200x

Hanging Knee Raises 4×25, use ankle weights or a ball


Tuesday: Sleds Work Session

Sleds Work
3 trips Forwards Hands below knees
3 Trips Backwards hands tight by shoulders
2 trips Sideways attached at the waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs in the Front Rack and dragging sled by waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs overhead and dragging sled by waist
1 trip Zombie Walking hugging a sandbag
3 trips One Handed Farmers Walk

GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Quick reminder guys, I know sledding outside sucks, but it’s good stuff. Also, use the worst plates you can find, the Gold’s Gym ones, the BFCO black ones, and then there’s a 35 floating around too. Thanks

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Max Effort Lower Body

Front Squat for Max

Lightened Snatch Grip Deadlift for Max

Iso’s At Knee SN Pull 5 sets of 3 exertions

Single Arm Allen Lift 5×15 /side

Scissor Kicks Hypers 200x


Friday: Lower Body Accessories

45 Degree Hip Extensions 5×12

Split Squats on Belt Squat, Bar in Front Rack, Bands on the belt Squat, 5×8 /side

Reverse Hypers Angle 180lbs 4 sets

Walking Bar GM’s 2 trips w/ safety squat bar

Weighted Planks accumulate 5 minutes, put weight on back


Saturday: Max Effort Upper Body

2 Board w/ Green bands Wide Grip -MGB

Dips for heavy 8 then do 3 sets at the heavy 8

Barbell Bent Over Row 5×12

Close Supine Mag Grip Pulldowns 5×8


Sunday: Rest


Powerlifting Conjugate:

Max Effort Lower Body:

Wearing a weighted Vest and Ankle weights

8″ Conventional Deadlift

Zercher Squat 5×3, go heavy, but use the lightened method, with a 1” band

Hip and Back Extensions 5 Sets

Freedom Marching 4×75, use bands

DB/Plate Bends w/ Band 5×12/side


Max Effort Wednesday:

Pin Press 12/14 for Max, Straight Bar

Max Reps in 3 minutes of cambered bar wide grip, Katelyn use: 3 chains

Low Incline DB Extensions 5×8

Barbell Bent Over Row 5×15

Underhanded Straight 5×10

Sledge Hammer Sideways 5×12/side, slam it HARD


Dynamic Effort Lower Body:

SSQ Box Squat 50% of Max with 25% Band Tension Katelyn use orange and mini + 120 12×2

Sumo Speed Deadlifts Katelyn: 160 w/ 1″” and micro bands 20 singles

Hip and Back Extensions 5 Sets

Seated Bandy Abduction 100x

Hanging Knee Raises 100x


Dynamic Effort Upper Body:

Freak Bar 8×3 Chains Katelyn: 45 and 1 Chain

Dips 5 sets of max reps, at a decent resistance, under 20 reps more than 5 at the start

Cable Rope Triceps 5 sets

Barbell One Armed Row 5×8/side, like a regular DB row, but use a barbell 🙂

100 Jumping Pull-ups

Band Rotators 3x burning/side