Monday: 5 DB Snatches 70/50 Right , 5 DB Snatches 70/50 Left and 10 strict pull-ups, max rounds in 10 minutes

Tuesday: Griff

Wednesday Paul

Thursday Dips x5

Friday Grace

Saturday OHSQ’s then Medball Clean/Ab Mat sit-up


Conjugate Weightlifters:

Monday Dynamic Effort Upper Body

Duffalo Bar 4 sets close grip, 4 sets regular grip, 55% + 25% bands 8×3

Low Incline Alternating DB’s 4 sets all out

Rocking DB Extensions 5×10

Bench Pull 3×20

Neutral Grip Pulldowns 3×20

Barbell Curls 5×10/side


Tuesday Sleds Work Session

Sleds Work
3 trips Forwards Hands below knees
3 Trips Backwards hands tight by shoulders
2 trips Sideways attached at the waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs in the Front Rack and dragging sled by waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs overhead and dragging sled by waist
1 trip Zombie Walking hugging a sandbag
3 trips One Handed Farmers Walk

GHD Sit-ups 4×20

Quick reminder guys, I know sledding outside sucks, but it’s good stuff. Also, use the worst plates you can find, the Gold’s Gym ones, the BFCO black ones, and then there’s a 35 floating around too. Thanks

Wednesday Rest

Thursday Absolute Strength Clean and Jerk

Muscle Clean from 8″ Blocks and push press

Banded SN DL 6×1 90% 4″ Up

SN Pull 5 sets of 3 exertions

Sled Face Pulls 3 Trips

GHD Sit-ups 3×20


Friday Lower Body Accessories

45 Degree Hip Extensions 5×12

Split Squats on Belt Squat, Bar in Front Rack, Bands on the belt Squat, 5×8 /side

Reverse Hypers Regular 180lbs 4 sets

Ankle Weights in belt squat 200x steps

Banded Ab-Mat Sit-ups 60x bigger band


Saturday Special Strengths

Barbell overhead (use 80% of SN), sled around waist 3-4 plates, march 400m, each time you put the bar down, jog back to the gym and do 15 KB swings at 70#

Sunday Rest


Powerlifting Conjugate:

Max Effort LB Monday

Kneeling jumpsx40

Ultra Wide Goodmorning Safety Squat Bar, use the monolift

Belt Squat 5×6, against bands, wear a weight vest and hold a beefy KB in a goblet hold

Inverse Curl Negatives 25x, 3-5 at a time

Hip Extensions 3 sets, wear a vest and hold a weight

Cable Oblique Crunches 3×15/side


Max Effort UB Wednesday

Freak Bar Against Chains K: 2/side

Close Grip 4 Board 5×8

Underhand Lying DB Extensions 2×25

Barbell Bent Over Row 5×15

Wide Mag Grip 5×5

Standing Banded Twists 3 sets of 30/side


Dynamic Effort LB Friday

Cambered Bar Low Box Normal Stance K: Orange and Mini +

Speed deads 175 w/ 1″ and micro bands 20 singles

Inverse Curl Negatives 25x

Sideways Sled Marching 200m K: 2

Cable Pulldown Abs 3×30


Dynamic Effort UB Saturday

Straight Bar 8×3 Bands K: 75 K: Micro band

Push-Ups with a 45# plate on your back, 3 sets all out

Incline Elbows Out DB’s 3 sets

Ring Row feet on Box 5x Max Reps

100 Pull Aparts 1″ Band

Lying DB Rotators 3x burning/side