Monday: “Wittman” But LCF’s version that still honors this warrior and allows us to preserve good variance in our programming.   ***TDE: 30 wall squats***

Tuesday: Tommy V Ropes and Thrusters ***TDE: accumulate 3 minutes in a downward facing dog***

Wednesday: “Hansen” LCF Version 🙂 Three rounds for time of: 2 pood Kettlebell swing, 10 reps 20 Burpees 30 Glute-ham sit-ups  ***TDE: 30 push-ups***

Thursday: Deadlifts x5  ***TDE: 30 Squats each with a different foot spacing***

Friday: Tabata Plank, Tabata handstand Hold, Tabata Push-ups, Tabata Double Unders ***TDE: 30 Lunges, different directions***

Saturday: Weighted Pull-up for Max, followed by 21-15-9 Med Ball Clean 30/20 and Pull-ups***TDE: 30 glute bridges, 30 crunches twice***



Conjugate Dreams:

Monday: Absolute Strength Clean and Jerk

Mid Thigh Hang Clean and Jerk

Banded Rack Pulls 5×3

Isometrics: OHSQ Sticking Point 5 sets of 3 exertions

DB “”Cleans”” 5×15″

Banded Leg Raises 100x


‘Tuesday: Lower Body Accessories

Sumo Stiff SN DL 5×5

Leg Press 5×20

Reverse Hypers Regular 270lbs 3 sets

Ankle Weight Hamstring curls on Cheese Mat 10 min

Abs: Scissor Kicks ankle Weights 200x


Wednesday: Rest


Thursday: Speed Strength Snatch

Mid Thigh Hang Power Snatch 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%

Safety Squat Bar on Back, Box Squat 12×2 60% of Low Box Max +25% chains, wide stance

Safety Squat Bar Goodmorning 10×2 80%

DB to Snatch Back Extensions 100x -ask me 🙂

GHD Sit-ups 4×25


Friday: Sleds Recovery Session

Sleds Recovery
4 trips Forwards
4 trips Backwards
2 trips Sideways
1 trip x
-Chest Presses
-Ab Twists

Pushing Sled:
10x 40m Runs, load up something fairly light, rest 1 minute between efforts
GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Quick reminder guys, I know sledding outside sucks, but it’s good stuff. Also, use the worst plates you can find, the Gold’s Gym ones, the BFCO black ones, and then there’s a 35 floating around too. Thanks

Saturday: Max Effort Lower Body

Banded Box Squat for Max

Rack Pull w/ Bands 5×3

Isometrics Top 1/4 OHSQ 5 sets of 3 exertions

KB Shot Puts 5×20/side

Easy Hypers 200x 90lbs, just swing

Sunday Rest