Check this out:

It’s a video of us putting up our sign, thanks Liz!!

Goodmorning Team! I hope it’s been a nice little rest, and recoup after the Cornucopia and that you find yourself, still a little stiff, and tummy a little weird, and hence ready to get into it!!

This week, Very Normal schedule, Full Moon on Sunday.

Monday: Nasty couplet with a heaping helping of calisthenics to get the blood moving again
Tuesday:Heavy Day, with lots of accessory work
Wednesday: Handstand Times, with a spicy duet of Barbells and Abs
Thursday:Dip Training en masse and then appropriate accessory work
Friday:ROPE CLIMBS, bring your socks!!
Saturday: Team workout with no special gear required 🙂

Which day to miss? If you mean miss like “long for whence gone past” then the answer is all of them!! If you want to be strong, in shape, coordinated, and truly a CrossFitter, then it makes it a tough choice which session to skip out on. Don’t here me be too harsh, I certainly won’t do all of these workouts myself, but let it motivate you to not necessarily worry about which workout you’re making it to, only that in making it you’ll be FITTER for the training, and in the long term you won’t be missing anything with good varied, intense programming such as this.