Thanks for the day off!! Enjoy it traveling, recovering, and eating turkey sandwiches (which is why you really cook the turkey in the first place).

Ray’s Crew : 1:19.56 (Ray, Kim, Emily, and two young reppers)
Erika’s Team: 59:49.12 (Erika, Jayce, Allie, Art)
Maria and Others: 1:04.52 (Maria, Clayton, Liz, Jacob, Brandon)
Gymnasticists: 1:06.40 (Kathryn, Terra, Rachael, Rebeccah)
Dimpled Chad’s, Wag’s Man Seraglio etc.: 59:42, with doing 250 reps! (Chad, Chad 2.0, Wags, Brent, Mike)
***Fastest at 250 Reps***
Thunder Spear: 1:08.50 (Goffe, Jared, Dani, Caitlyn)
Amy, Debs, Chris and Steph: 1:11.52 (Amy, Debs, Chris and Steph)
Katelyn’s Club: 1:14.16 a two hundredths of a second PR!!! (Sara, Katelyn, Tyler, Taylor)
***Most Minuscule PR ever***

Steve, Jen, Jennifer, Linda, Brian: 1:09.49
Matt J., Ryan T., Ryan R., Perry G.: 1:10.26
Kari, Kevin, CC, Jeremy: 52:24
Linda, Mere, Brian, Mary: 1:06.15
Chelsea, Jon, Eileen, Jamieson: 1:03.24

Jon, Sabrina, Ben, Bryan: 51:45 ***Best Time of the Day***
Carrie, Lana, Bruce Almight, Sully, Logan, Gage, Jesse: 59:06 ***Biggest Team of the Day***

Go for a long walk on the beach or something today. Loosen the legs 🙂