posted now because that’ll help Workout for Tuesday October 25th: 30-20-10 of: Medicine Ball Cleans 50/30 Burpees For Time

Monday's Radical

posted a day early to excite the neurons Workout for Monday October 24th: As Many Rounds as Possible in 8 minutes of: 8 Pull-ups 8 Snatch High-Pulls 135/95

Saturdays Session of Awesome

posted a day early for you to really think hard about not coming Workout for Saturday October 22nd: Trade Rounds with your buddy: Perform 5 Rounds Each for Time of: 7 Front Squats 185/135 300m Row Remember, rowing not all out is for suckers. ROW...


posted a day early for you to be happy Workout for Friday October 21st Snatch for Max 3 follow with Seated Box Jumps add weights in interesting ways to create exceeding fitness