***Notice: The gym will be closed Saturday the 27th for “Gilligan” and accompanying BBQ!! For details, talk to Jesse or Rich, full details posted Friday***

posted a day early to help remind you that rowing is good for you else-wise we wouldn’t do it

Workout for Wednesday August 24th:
We’ll just work through these as a team, taking turns feeling really good about it all:

Round 1
For Time:
30 Ring Rows
30 Calories

Round 2
For Time:
15 Horizontal Ring Rows
350 Meters

Round 3
For Max Watts:
Row one sprint for peak wattage
Max set of ring rows with a 2 second pause at the top

Round 4
For Reps:
Max Calories in 1 Minute
Max Ring Rows in the next minute

Round 5
For Time and Distance:
Max Hold at top for time
Max Meters in 75 seconds

Round 6
For Max Time:
Hold 90% of Peak Wattage on the rower