posted now for your lack of planning

Workout for Wednesday July 29th:


Let’s work on your specific problems with in my opinion the most difficult movements.


Yes there will be lots of reps.

Is it for time?

No! Because it’s like a heavy lifting day, only just moving yourself, which would be a pretty good sized barbell!

Which movements?!

The ones that you have a hard time doing, that will be of the most benefit for you to practice. Static positions, dynamic transitions, special strengths, ab mayhem, grip slaughtering… Sounds fun yeah?!

Ring Variations
Bar Muscle-up
Skin the Cat
Knees to Elbows
Toes to Bar
Front Uprise?
Rope Climbs
Inverted Rope Climbs
Legless Rope Climbs

Et cetera.

What if I can’t do any of these movements?!

Show up! How else are you gonna learn or gain the ability to do any of these if you never turn up and practice?! See you soon!