Drew has been running this for a little while and getting a little bit of response. He’s got a lot of great ideas, and this one is something that should fly. Working on skills really is the key to progressing within your workouts!

The Hopper class will be essentially a mini-seminar. It will provide an opportunity for trainers and athletes to delve deeper into subjects that could use some more dedicated time than that available in normal CrossFit classes. This includes stuff like: learning the progression to a freestanding hand stand; working on overhead range of motion issues; dialing in nutrition; practicing running technique; learning Strongman lifts; improving the Clean & Jerk; etc.

The subject of each class will be announced at the beginning of each week, and the subjects will vary. One of the days each week will focus on a particular area of mobility, and the other will focus on a skill, nutrition, or other subject.

6:30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays. I hope to see more of us in there training and learning!