Jesse and Chris,
I will never tolerate anyone saying a bad thing about pistols – they recently proved to be the most functional movement in my arsenal. I was on a 38-mile solo hike through backcountry in Olympic National Park when I fell 150 feet into a ravine and broke my ankle. I was trapped in the ravine for four days before searchers were able to narrow down my location from my gunshots and send in a search helicopter and park rangers to find me. I’m so thankful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers, for the park rangers who worked tirelessly to find me, and for the Coast Guard crew that completed the rescue under dangerous weather and terrain conditions.

CrossFit gave me elite fitness to stay on top of my game, executing a plan for survival and rescue. I can’t wait to get back into the gym to work on core and upper body for 6-8 weeks and then full body rehabilitation after my ankle heals up. I’m truly blessed by God to be back with my family.

My suggested “Bailey” WOD (my birthday is 2-20):
2 20-foot rope climbs, let go at the top and drop
20 pistols, right leg only
4 day AMRAP


Great to have you back Tim!!