I got asked a few questions about our gym and what I would do with a grant, pretty cool stuff actually 🙂 I re-updated the class schedule, thanks for putting up with my lack of administrative capabilities!!!

We run a gym. Our byline is “The Best Gym Ever.” It’s no “fitness center”, no “spa”, there are barbells, chalk, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, bumper plates made for dropping from overhead, there is astroturf there are crash pads and climbing ropes. Our ceiling is 20 feet high. Our success is measured by how well our clients perform, and they are doing very well. We’ve got regular people turning their lives around, clients over 60 climbing rope, doing pull-ups, we’ve got clients in their 20’s going to National weightlifting contests, we’ve sent athletes to the CrossFit Games in LA where the fittest on the planet vie for the title. We’ve also helped 100’s lose weight, eat better food, become better parents, husbands and wives. Helped them to see past the fads and “trends” to become real athletes, capable and direct. Our bona fide success is what makes us unique. The “Globo Gym” around the corner has equipment designed by engineers that will never turn a regular person into a rope climbing, box jumping, handstand push-uping, sprinting, weightlifting pure athlete. Our goal is to do all the right things for all the right people for all the right reasons and we’re winning.

Our business is rooted in community. The type of Fitness we teach is literally do difficult that is cannot be done alone. Spotters are
required, coaches are required, friends and enemies are required. Just as a soccer team or special forces unit needs its teammates we need our community. As a gym we host fundraisers for non-profits and for soldiers. As a family we’ve gathered to raise over $8,000 for a family in need within our community. The friendships made here are formed in a crucible of not unlike our military service men and women. Our gym is 250 members strong, and our members are strong.

Our crew is as diverse as it could be, that’s our strength. From college educated and published in Strength Journals, to retired Naturopathic doctors, from competitive Powerlifters to competitive Marathoner and Tri-athletes, from mother of 3 to 22 year-old Olympic Weightlifter. Ethnicities and creeds we span the gamut. Our attraction to clients is both expertise and life experience, efficiency and efficacy in our coaching being the core of what we offer. By logging as a staff more than 50,000 hours of training; our understanding of the client experience: what they are going through, where they have yet to go, the fears, the roadblocks, excitement, the pitfalls, is what gives us perspective on when to nurture and when to challenge. Furthermore since our community is so small on the gym scale (many “Globo Gyms having more than 10,000 members) at only 250 motivated athletes, we simply care more about each other because our involvement is more palpable.

We really do have some of the best people around. Our members keep us motivated and focused as coaches as much as we keep them focused and motivated as athletes. A group of earned athletes desiring improvement is so satisfying that it spurs us as coaches to refine our methods, learn more and challenges us to become better as well. It’s a cycle so profound that after 10 years I find myself with a desk covered in papers, translated Russian manuals from the 80’s and journal articles and a computer loaded with film, pictures and to-do lists. The days coaching duties at the gym getting to 10 hours and with clients spread across North America that I’m writing programs for that I have to schedule time to study to ensure that I’m guiding them correctly as our knowledge and abilities are ever-increasing! It’s an amazing thing to be a part of and watch it gather speed around me is enthralling.