It’s loaded with Antioxidants 🙂

Don’t believe the media, they want to make your insulin increase so much that the only thing you’re good for is living in a near comatose state, on statins, drinking coffee by the gallon, watching TV and sitting at your desk complacent as all get out.

Enough of that talk. Let’s get off our duffs and release a little glucagon (the counter-regulator hormone to insulin). Enjoy 🙂

Get a stop watch, $10 at the store, you know you’re shopping today anyway, don’t act like you’ve got all that done already…

RUN (don’t be leasure) for 1 minute
Lunge for 1 minute
Push-Ups for 1 minute
Hold Still for 1 minute (rest)
Repeat 6 times

It would be savage if you went to a track and went a total of a mile in 6 rounds. Post distance covered (yeah, include the lunge distance, just go straight) to comments.

Nice Triple Extension Goffe!!!