Happy Labor Day everyone! The gyms hours are normal. All classes are normal, everything is OK 🙂

Here’s the special WOD: Mixed Pairs (ideally one man and one woman)

Team WOD 21-15-9 Ladies will use a bar from a rack and perform Jerks, and another bar for deadlifts. Men do Military Presses with the same bar his teammate is using for Jerks. The bar she uses for deadlifts he’ll be using for cleans. Choose wisely.
Partners each perform their own 21-15-9 and rotate on a 400m run that the other teammate is performing. So there’s always one partner running and one partner working through his/her own 21-15-9. Once each person has completed their own couplet then the tandem moves onto Karen, 150 Wall Ball Shots, broken up as they see fit each with their own ball. Only 150 shots need to be done, not 300. These 150 shots are shared between the two partners.

Yay Labor Day!