What is the Open? It’s the world-wide online process of qualifying for the Regional Contest for the CrossFit Games to be held in Los Angeles in the summer. It’s also kind of a big deal 🙂 Our not-so-little gym will be running the same workout as the other 2,500 CrossFit Affiliates, along with the untold multitude of Garage CrossFits, Military Bases, Fire Houses, Police Training Centers, Seminaries, Convents, Temples and whatever other coveys of firebreathing mutagenic savages are out there! SO COOL! If you’re thinking that you don’t want to “compete” for a spot at the games, I think you’re probably wrong, as per usual 🙂

This is so much more than competing for a spot at the CrossFit Games! Now certainly it’s a virtual contest, but dangit, since when have you ever been able to be a part of the selection process for a truly elite sport!? Your effort will be counted every bit as worthy as Chris Spealler or Mikko Salo or Jason Khalipa. The results of your training will be tested against 50,000 or 80,000 or 200,000 other athletes from all over the world! For $10 why not be a part of this international phenomenal first! When the Kenyan’s run and beat everyone at the Olympics there’s not a forum to technically compete against them. This is our chance! Super cool. I’m not going to win, I get that. But I’m totally in for this!!! I hope you will be too.

Details details details 🙂

Hooray everyone who registered so far!! This is going to be awesome 🙂 I need everyone who registered already to go and find Lynnwood CrossFit and join our team so we can all be official together! Tuesday night at 5:00pm the 1st WOD of the Open will be announced, I’ll be at the computer hitting refresh until it posts 🙂 Once that workout is out, we’ll begin to strategize. Those registered for the Open have a choice to make:

1: Make Tuesday a rest/skills day, and do the Open WOD on Wednesday or;
2: Do the Tuesday workout, rest Wednesday and do the Open WOD Thursday.

The rules are that for your result (time/load etc.) to count you have to be judged by someone credible while you do the WOD. It’s not going to be much different than how we currently run the show, pull-ups that don’t count, guess what, still don’t count 🙂 Wall ball shots that don’t hit the target or where you don’t squat all the way down still don’t count! The standards from HQ will be strictly adhered to, and they will be laid out to a “T” by HQ when they release the WOD each Tuesday. Very exciting times!