Everyone, before I forget, story of my life, the gym is to be closed this weekend. Closed closed, not like if you know someone or something you can totally come in a get a workout, or like if you come at lunchtime sometimes you can sneak in and do some thrusters or something 🙂 Closed closed. All day Saturday and Sunday there’ll be 25 people here not counting the instructors who will be teaching this certification! Very cool stuff.

What does that mean for you guys!?

Friday night we need to reorganize the gym and have a huge planning/execution meeting with the instructors from California. We’re hosting a special CrossFit WOD class friday afternoon.

Friday at 3:30pm is our last class of the week! If you can make it out please do! There will be no 5:30pm or 6:30pm this Friday (the 25th) or any classes this weekend (26th and 27th). Everything will return to normal on Monday don’t get worried 🙂

I’ll try and post signs up in the gym, but please spread the word and make plans for outside workouts this weekend, unless it’s super nasty! I’ll post a little home-WOD for Saturday, how’s that sound? Post thoughts/suggestions to comments.


Also, what’s your excuse? Jenai’s doing Jackie at 5:00am this morning, with 8 weeks to go…