Hey guys!

Check this out, this is so cool! CrossFit is streaming the competition live on the interwebs!

Go to: http://live.crossfit.com/

It should open right up and just click on the picture box and go! It’s gonna be going pretty much all day Abi lifts at around 1:00pm!!!

Also, this is a HUGE competition (don’t tell her that :), check out the competitors list, find Abi!

A message from Abi:
Dudes, I can honestly say I come from the best gym EVER. Thanks so much for all the change, bills, time and encouragement, random gifts from the easter bunny, jump ropes, chest bumps and high fives. I hope I make Lynnhood proud but I can’t wait to get back to lifting weights with all of you! Love you all, Abs
Team LCF