7:30 PM on the Mezzanine!

I’ve redone the area up there and made it more suitable for discussions and lectures as well as GHD sit-ups 🙂

Physics for Jocks means we’re going to learn about power outputs between our own Kevin James and Matt Bailey (not pictured)! We’re also going to experiment on matching wattages from these two fine fellows.


After that intensity as a scientific topic as opposed to the ever present correlates to intensity (heart rate, puking, sweat angels, grunting, soreness, etc. etc.) will be addressed at length.

Lastly the ever important topic (unless you’re Austin) of scaling in relation to the afore mentioned topics shall heretofore be discussed in a rather open forum, not unlike the hellenistic expositions of philosophic rhetoric popularized by Socrates, Aristotle and Epictetus.