Saturday is the Powerlifting Meet!

8:00am Class, it’s on, come in and get sweaty! 10:00am is when the Meet starts, there will be no class at 10:00, workouts will not be done 🙁 Only Squat, Bench and Deadlift. If you want to compete it’s $45 and ye shall be judged. Come watch and have a blast!
Bench Press

Sunday is Gilligan at Edmonds Civic Center (dirt track, sand field, wooden grandstand, by the Boys and Girls Club). 2pm it is on! Ponch is helping me bring the rowers down and all you need is your bike and some Gatorade(s). I’ll have camera and food for myself and a sundial, I mean stopwatch 😉 Bring yourself and bring your friends! Rounds are negotiable, i.e. this workout can be scaled as all CrossFit workouts can be, no fear!