I’m overcome with joy for what’s happening here!

Check this out:

A couple awesome people have stepped up and decided to make this event a little more fun, by donating a little bit of change for EACH POINT either all day or at a certain class time. I’ll put the current $/pt on the event list to the right of the page and update it as more people decide to donate this way.

So far:
6am: $.01/pt
7am: $.03/pt
11am: $.04/pt
5:30pm: $.01/pt
6:30pm: $.01/pt
7:30pm: $.03/pt

Anyone interested in donating a few cents per point to a class, some classes or the whole day please let me know!

A couple other amazing things! Katherine is going to host a massive garage sale at the Posey’s house in Bothell on Friday July 23rd (yup, really July this time, no typos). Her number: 425-770-0203. You can either call Katherine and setup a time to drop off donated sellable items at her house, or drop it by the gym and we’ll figure a way to get it over there! She would appreciate some help Friday for sure!


Clean out those closets and get rid of those speakers!

One of my favorite pictures, ever.