Corn Fed? A thing of the past my friends. The cow wasn’t created to eat maize (corn) instead it was supposed to eat grass. Here’s the deal: when we eat things we’re not supposed to eat (donuts, pizza, loaves of tasty bread, corn bread, sweet tea, various insulin serums (read: soda pop), fritos etc.) we get sick, weird huh? When animals eat what they’re not supposed to they probably aren’t healthy either, crazy huh? Every wonder why Salmon is “so amazing” for us to eat? Ever think that maybe just maybe it has something to do with it’s food chain not being controlled by mankind…

Grassfed beef, and further I propose any animal eating what it was supposed to eat (chickens should eat grubs and insects and stuff instead of corn, probably) is going to be DRAMATICALLY healthier for us to eat than an animal not. Science is 100% behind me on this one, the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids is completely reversed and multiplied in our favor, this is good. Along with it being straight up tasty.

Abi Food

Ed, in his epifinite wisdom, knows the fine people at Crown S Ranch. These farmers raise animals eating what they’re supposed to be eating! They’re gonna loan us a freezer and stock it so we can buy and eat tasty, healthy, sustainable meat! You can go to their website, order it and they’ll bring it when they deliver (the morning of the 4th of July, perfect timing!!), or give me some suggestions and I’ll pass it along and they’ll fill it for us so we can get it to you and into your tummy’s!

June 2010 Price List

Check out the prices! This brings the cost of this fine meat into reality for most of us, all without having to go out and get your own huge freezer and front the cost of buying a 1/4 ($650) or 1/2 ($1200) all at once 🙂

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