Just so you guys know what’s in my head.

Four of our athletes were in Olympic Lifting Class last night.  After working on our "high butt goiter" for a while so hard that "I can’t remember, I have to pee."  *This was a great class* we (I) decided to test vertical jump heights and calculate some max power outputs 🙂

Dan: 66kg Bodyweight, 55.88cm Jump

Darryl: 92kg Bodyweight, 36.19cm Jump

Karen: 77kg Bodyweight, 35.56cm Jump

Collin: 82kg Bodyweight, 45.72 Jump


P = 2.21 x wt x SQRT of Jump HT (punch it out in the ole’ calculator)

Dan = 1090w

Darryl = 1223w

Karen = 1014w

Collin = 1225w


Next time you’re on the rower change the unit so it reads out in meters and you’ll suddenly understand the tremendous power (literally) of jumping heights and of maximal outputs versus sustained submaximal outputs.

And, yes I am a geek.  Yay Burpees 🙂

Big Sweet Lou – working on his sled pulls….