The Pull-Up is exclusively reserved for "fit" people.  People who don’t have pull-ups know they need to get them.  When people think of someone who is out of shape, people with pull-ups never pop into their mind.  I guarantee.  The quest continues for many of us!  Every month or so we add to this impressive list, much to the chagrin of other crappy big box gyms…  Happy Trainer.

Look at the muscles on Ann, you can see the new pile of lats she added since starting to train for a pull-up, wrapping around the right there, totally sweet.

Jason trying 100# weighted, he didn’t get it, but did get 85#.  Strong guy, also the winner of "Biggest Meathead 2008" 🙂

Lee gets set up for 1/2 bodyweight (little bit more, it’s an 85# DB!)  Loading thanks to Mike.

So close, yet so very far away 🙂  He tried twice and was very tired!

Of course Abi had to get in on the fun – with 45#.  Can’t beat that!

Mike is very recently able to do pull-ups!  Here he is trying 20# after getting, 5,10,15# – great job Mike!


Fun night – lots of hard work, with running and squats before it.  I figured, "heck only your legs are tired, let’s do some pull-ups!"

Thanks guys!

Clan Cheiftan Out.