We were going to try and be all smooth and everything.  This was our first mistake 🙂 

It’s been one year since we opened our doors and started reshaping fitness into what we now see it as.  It’s been a year of fun, a year of laughs and a year of A TON OF HARD WORK!!!

Everything has changed, lives, layouts and lung capacity 🙂  Come join us for a night of camaraderie, laughs and appreciation!

We’re throwing a catered bash at the gym!  We’ll have a comedian here getting us to take a load off and laugh 🙂  We expect this to be formal, ‘cuz why not?  We see you all sweaty all the time, let’s get all snazzy and dapper for a change.

Friday night September 26th – I messed that up on the few invites we managed to send out…  Long story.  Short version, please please please don’t be upset about not getting one – life is too short!  

We’re selling tickets for $25 at the gym.  We want everyone to be there, family and friends, co-workers, bosses, relatives, dentists, estheticians, you know the people that mean the most to you that you’d like to spend the evening with listening to an R-rated comedian and our Grammy-style awards fiasco, er, I mean presentation!

We’re limited by space and seating!  We can only reasonably handle 50 people to make enough room to laugh and have a blast!  Sign up today!


Thanks for this last year everyone, it’s been a true joy – I’ll tell you all about it at the party…