Alright check this out.

In the summer time everyone wants to run outside and do pull-ups and farmers walk maybe some medball passing, lunging or tug-of-war.  But in the winter, what do we do?  In the great words of "X" in The Great Escape, "we dig."

By digging I mean getting more serious about a few aspects of our fitness that have broad effects on our total fitness.  Three things in particular: Olympic Weightlifting (Oly), Gymnastics and Rowing.  I’ve got a plan, as if I wouldn’t 🙂

Shameless theft of Melanie’s photo – her Coach John Thrush is out of Spanaway.  We should have a field trip sometime…  Whoa that’s good.

Gymnastics will have to happen during warm-ups and as finishers to short workouts during the regular classes – this is already being done I think pretty well.  I think our enthusiasm could improve on learning how to move our own bodies through space but what the heck.

Rowing.  Why rowing?  Because it dominates us!  AND when it’s raining, cold and windy who really wants to run?  To accomplish this end we have created a team in Concept2’s "Fall Rowing Challenge".  From Sept. 15 until Oct. 15th: try to row over 100,000m and if you can do that try to row more than 200,000m!  I know it sounds crazy, but it’s really cool!  The team so far goes:

  1. Carrie Ward (100,000 goal)

  2. Michelle Winney (100,000m goal)

  3. Susan Winney (100,000m goal)

  4. Lindsay Schilaty (200,000m goal)

  5. Jesse Ward (100,000m goal)

We need 10 people on the team to be eligible to win another rower free from Concept2.  As a participant should you finish the 100k meters, you will receive a prize from C2, the opportunity to purchase a limited edition t-shirt (it’s like 15 bucks), and you’ll get to download a certificate of completion which yes, we’ll post at the gym, thank you very much!  Just let me know and we’ll sign you up on the team and show you how to update your log book and everything.

Olympic Lifting Class:

Tuesday and Friday nights from 7:30 until 9:00pm our Olympic Lifting Class will take place.  The goal of this is to teach technique, intensity and ultimately strength (you do learn how to get strong) in these core lifts.  Warm-up, flexibility, technique, lifting the iron, accessory movements, supplemental movements and probably some more stretching (because we’re all that flexible) and then go home to sleep!

The Oly class is limited to eight (8) participants for space, bar and time considerations.  The cost is $8 per class, again Tuesday and Friday nights.  So far no one is officially registered, however verbally the roster so far is:

  1. Nicole Picknell (#1)

  2. Jolee Paterniti (spelling?)

  3. Charles "On the Heel" Neill

  4. Emily Riddell

  5. Lindsay Schilaty

  6. Michael Thomas

  7. Mike Adams

  8. You

Be very excited for this – the best in strength, balance, agility, coordination, flexibility, accuracy, speed, and power – that’s a lot!!